Aula is a research-based duo that investigates design and publishing through an inclusive practice. Each project is developed as a room, perceived as a common space where people can learn, read and share.
We update this website to expose various projects we do and tell other information about us and our work.

i. Some Have Stayed at Least One Night at My Place, or I Have Stayed at Theirs
with Giacomo Colombo (Jun 2021)

ii. As Book
Flipbook designed from the first seconds of A Book by Ulises Carrión, 1978 (Feb 2022)

iii. Quiet or gentle as the voices that,
Collection of individual reading for a collective act (April 2022)

iv. Volume
Exhibition for Pages at ArtVerona by invitation of backbonebooks (Oct 2022)

Heide Hinrichs, Jo-ey Tang, Elizabeth Haines (Eds.), shelf documents: art library as practice, b_books–Track Report, Berlin–Antwerp 2021.